Meet the People

Your Maitre D’


Christopher Scott started Hairy Canary Productions in 2008 after finally listening to everyone he met about being such a great coordinator.  He's currently holds his Master Degree in Business Administration from Niagara University, a Bachelor's degree in Business and Education from Niagara University and an Associates in early Childhood Education from Stratford Institute and  has been planning parties and events ever since he was sixteen years old.  He is listed as one of Strathmore's Business Leader of the Year for 2017 and has dedicated his entire life to pleasing others around him.  His tendency to make the people around him laugh and smile makes him CNY's finest event planner.  He lists David Tutera, Reba McEntire, and his very own mother as inspirations for this company!

His Inspiration


Cory is the reason Chris even exists to assist you!  Chris has made it very clear that this company shall be very family-oriented and having the ability to work with him has benefited everyone to date!  As a cancer, Cory has all the features that Chris endures...a love for her family, a grounded sense for home, and the need to help others.  As Chris says "She is my number one inspiration in life...she is my everything!"

His Side-Kick


Cindy is by far one of the most down-to-earth and humble people you will ever meet.  Working with Chris since 2016, Cindy’s expertise in home-life and everyday experiences keeps Chris grounded and helps him with the many tasks this industry faces.  Her pleasantness will knock the socks off you! 

His Comedian


Renee has been making people laugh since she was a little child.  Being known as the "life of the party," Renee is a fine addition to the Hairy Canary Staff. Her year's spent in the restaurant field alone help Chris come up with some of the the most amazing ideas! Her quick wit and ability to make any event a memorable one is the reason you will find her behind the DJ booth and welcoming everyone to your party!

His Grace


Susan has been part of Chris' ideas for more than 20 years now.  Her love and appreciation for Chris' success is shown in their friendship.  Her ability to keep everyone on task, react calmly in a spur of the moment event, and give some of the best advice that any owner of a company needs is the reason Chris states "Sue is truly that one person in your life that you go to for everything!  She is grace, she is beauty, and she your lifetime friend from the second you talk to her!  Without her in my life, I would feel empty!"

His Mascot


There's no words for this funny guy...except, he's the one and only Hairy Canary :)