Did you know you should start your wedding at least 18-months in advance?  AHH!  Do you know how you're going to merge your family with your partners?!  Who's going to sit with who....who's going to be the maid-of-honor....who's sending out the invites...OVERWHELMING ALREADY!!

Don't worry...our wedding team has each and every detail mapped out like it was our job...oh can be!  Whether you'd like us to help you with each and every step, or just a couple of them....give us a chance today!

We can work with all parties....caterer, DJ, photographer, limo services, hotel accommodations, ease your worries!

 Contact us today before your special date is already booked!

DJ Services


DJ Hairy Canary (Christopher) is bound to keep your guests entertained to the last minute and have them walking away wanting more!  He's a natural on the microphone and engages even the most stubbornest guests out there!  You're party will be calling you the next day raving about how amazing your party was thanks to this added benefit!

With today's top of the line digital equipment , HCP can offer every variety of music to customize your event in a flash!  Want the Charleston?  We got it!  Want a disco dance?  We've got it!  Want today's freshest beats?  We got 'em!   By getting the clients total input in the music variety, your event is sure to be completely catered to your every need.

Our services are fantastic for any event...from meetings to birthdays....clubs to backyard parties and meetings...we'll be there for you! Request a quote today and book before your date is taken!

Since each event is tailored to what you want, our pricing tiers will depend on the services you need.   All services will be binded by a service contract with a 50% deposit at the time of signing.

Baby & Bridal Showers


Expecting  a newborn is one of the most exciting times in a parent's life and so it should be cherished.  Hiring Hairy Canary Productions allows you to sit and enjoy the party, not stress about receiving RSVP's or making sure everyone has a beverage.  We do it all, from before the party to the after party...this is our specialty area!  We go goo-goo for Baby Showers!

By choosing one of our pre-packaged services, all you have to do is meet with one of our specialists ONCE before the party and that's it!  Simple as worries, no stress...just show up to the party and let everyone think you are the hostess (or host!) of the year!  In fact, we even HOST the party and oversee all the games for you!  How much easier can you get it!

From baby lions to princesses to teddy bears...we will accommodate any theme you have in mind and RUN WITH IT!  We'll send the invitations, receive the RSVP's, decorate the center of choice, provide all the food, host the entire event which can include games, and clean up after!  You have the power to chose how little or how much we get involved!

Typically, our baby showers run 2.5-3 hours.  We keep a tight schedule with lots of activities but also allow for changes and additional time should the mom-to-be need it!

We have a number of games and a variety of food items for you to choose from.  We even have door prizes for your games as well, should you decide to hand them out!

30-day minimum booking is typically required, however, we do have EXPRESS options should you need them, for additional charges.  A 50% deposit is required the day of booking.  The remaining 50% is due the day of services.

Backyard & Just4fun Parties


Do you really need a specific reason to throw a party? NO!

Wanting to throw a party just because can end up being one of the most memorable events out there...

If you have an idea to host a party, shoot us an email and we'll help you out for it.  Why plan it and have to do all the work for it...sit back and be the "hot-shot" of the neighborhood for throwing... a killer end of season party...a football party...a JUST BECAUSE PARTY!

With reasonable rates and fun ideas, you've come to the brains of your party!

Tell us what you're thinking about by requesting a QUOTE today!

Benefits & Jamborees


It's hard enough having to be the one designated to be in control of a benefit or jamboree for a friend in need.  There are numerous items that must be done to run a successful event.

Hairy Canary Productions can play a small or large roll in your benefit or jamboree.  We can just be there to assist or we can host the entire event! 

Our DJ Services could really come in handy and could help keep your guests there long to support the cause even further.

We do offer a special rate for this category and try to do our part as affordable, yet productive, as possible.

Please contact us to discuss the event in detail and we'll do our best to help you out.

As Reba says "Giving back isn't a should be a need.  For all the blessings in life you receive, helping a friend in need and seeing them benefit from it is the icing on the cake!".

Birthday’s & Anniversaries


From one to one-hundred, every year that passes is a milestone!  A time to celebrate and a time for friends and family to cherish the blessing of the guest of honor(s) are lucky to be sharing with everyone.

This is one of our special areas because we absolutely LOVE to host your milestone events.  Nothing gives us greater pleasure here at HCP than seeing a happy person even happier!

Simple to Stunning, Classy to Corny, themed or not...let us throw the party of the year for you.  Our rates are extremely competitive and we have plenty of options for payment so book your event today before your date is taken!


Business Services & Meetings

Hairy Canary Productions is a professional event planning service company that help your company make any meeting or convention a successful one without having the hassles of setting it all up. 

 You've got enough on your desk to worry about...let us do the worrying for this one for you.

We typically only meet with the client once or twice before the event and then again the day of so that way we are not constantly bothering you while you're busy.  

We've got the connections YOU need throughout the Central New York area for conference rooms, overnight guests services, catering, equipment rental, themed after-event parties, and special discounts at bars and restaurants for business owners.

Request a QUOTE today to fill us in on what you are looking for and we'll be sure to get back with you within 24 hours. 

Relax...we've just made your job that much easier!


Girls’ Night Out

Ladies...have you ever had that feeling that you just need to get away or that you haven't seen your girlfriends in forever?!?!  Organize a GIRLS' NIGHT OUT for all of you and you will be talking about it for months to come!

Our Girls' Night Out is a one-of-a-kind all around "ONE HELL OF A NIGHT" party!  Plan on the men waiting on you the next day because you are not going to want to get out of bed after this night...

Chris and his team will get you and your friends to come out of their shell and you'll have "priceless memories" to cherish with everyone you want...or wait..maybe what happens on this night should stay between your friends and you only!

Most girls' nights out has you and a group of your friends go out and about the town and not have to worry about the driving or where to go next.  We'll do all the planning, set an itinerary, prepare the music and food...whether its for on the go or staying in event, and we'll get you home in one piece at the end of the night!  Think of it as a bachelorette party "just because"!

Here Are Some Things We Can Plan For This Magical Night:

Limo or shuttle services...from classy to redneck!

A Party Host to keep you going all night long (Don't worry...they'll be your new best friend!)

A Rough Agenda and Itinerary to keep it spiced up

Specials at clubs or bars especially for your party

Private rooms in club or bars for your party

Hotel Rooms

Male Entertainers for your viewing pleasure

Catered or special food stops along the way

Stay-At-Home party prepping (movie and gossip night!)

Specialized music for wherever your party is

DJ Services for this night

Request a quote today for your next GIRL'S NIGHT OUT!